100 exercises: The subjuctive

The collection 100 EXERCISES offers intermediate and advanced students of Spanish as a foreign language a complete and effective way to solve grammatical issues essential to command the language with precision.

The exhaustive set of detailed exercises is complemented with brief and precise grammatical explanations so that students can definitively clear their frequent doubts about these topics. This undoubtedly contributes to the goal of becoming fluent and proficient Spanish speakers.

Each of the books that make up this collection is published in two versions:
•The complete book.
•The book in sections, so that the reader can choose to work with the one that is most suited to their needs and interests.

The book 100 exercises: The subjuctive consists of a theoretical synthesis and three sections of detailed exercises.

In this section, the subjunctive mood of the indicative and the imperative is differentiated, explaining how their different verb tenses are formed. Then we present the dependent and independent contexts in which this mode is used, as well as the case of indirect style.

They are organized into three sections, which can be solved in succession or independently:
Part 2. Subjunctive step by step. Organized into three sections —the forms, the structures and the correlation of the tenses—, this volume addresses the different conjugations and the identification of those instances in which the use of this mode is mandatory.
Part 3. Subjunctive in contrast. Here the indirect style, the relative clauses and the various structures that determine the obligatory or optional use of this mode are practiced.
Part 4. Subjunctive in action. The recognition and classification of structures, and the completion of texts of different genres are proposed here.

All the exercises include their corresponding solutions, which can be accessed by clicking on the key icon, which appears on the left margin of each one of them.