I learn Chinese Elementary level. Part 3

Aprendo chino es un método para aprender chino a través de tarjetas de autoaprendizaje o flashcards. Consta de un libro explicativo del método, seguido por ciento cincuenta flashcards (100-150) que presentan los caracteres indispensables para entender y producir oraciones simples en lengua china.

The cards make up a series that allows dialogues to be constructed in everyday situations. With this we seek that the beginner student can understand and produce Chinese.

The criterion for selection and the progression of the contents presented here result from the articulation of two programs: a general one and another, exclusively for Chinese. The general program is the Common Reference Framework for Languages ​​(CEFR), an international standard for measuring the level of comprehension and oral and written expression of a language. As for the contents, these correspond to the characters established by the HSK exam (汉语 水平 考试 Hànyu Shupíng Kaoshì), the official and standardized test to accredit levels of knowledge of the Chinese language.

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