Popular culture in Chinese education

Professor Wai-Chung Ho holds a Master’s in Arts and a Ph.D. in Music Education from the Institute of Education at the University of London, under the direction of Professor Lucy Green.

In 1996 he joined the music department of the Baptist University of Hong Kong, where he currently lectures on musical creativity, curricular design, resources for music education, psychology and sociology of music, principles and applications of musical education.

His articles have been published in the following top-level journals: British Journal of Music Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, International Journal of Music Education, Music Education Research, Popular Music and Social History. His main areas of research are the sociology of music, the curriculum of music education and the comparative study of music education in East Asia.

His research in music education focuses on the areas of development, educational planning linked to the reforms of the school system, and education in values ​​as it appears in the school curricula in the contexts of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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