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Dr. Romie Littrell is an associate professor in international business at the Auckland University of Technology Business School in New Zealand.

The core of Dr. Littrell's extensive body of research is helping business managers and managers achieve success in international business. With thirty years of experience as an executive of multinational companies in the US and China, his research is widely discussed in business seminars.

A visiting professor at the International Academy for Intercultural Research and a member of the Academy of International Business, Dr. Littrell is a member of the selection committees of some of the most important business magazines in the world. He also directs the Centre for Cross Cultural Comparisons, a voluntary partnership with more than two hundred intercultural researchers who share information, make comparisons between cultures, facilitate collaboration among researchers and support the training of graduate students.

His research addresses issues such as preferred leadership behaviours according to culture, relationships between cultural values, the behaviour of leaders and managers, differential values ​​based on race, gender or nationality.

Currently he directs a series of studies that observe the characteristics of the "ideal leader" and its variations according to the cultures.

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