Locales versus visitantes

Ewan Dow is director of the  Centre for Language Studies, University of Surrey. He returned to his country in 2006, after working for four years as a teacher in the Chinese cities of Cantonn (in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) and Beijing.

Hu Hua Ouyang obtuvo el título de Doctor en City University of Hong Kong. Su tesis doctoral ha sido recientemente publicada por Peking University Press. En la actualidad es director del Centro de investigación educativa en lengua inglesa de Guangdong University of Foreign Studies en Guangzhou, Cantón República Popular China y el Chinese National Institute of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Ha escrito Remaking of Face and Community of Practices: An Ethnography of Local and Expatriate English Teachers’ Reform Stories in Today’s China and One Way Ticket: A Story of an Innovative Teacher in Mainland China, entre otros títulos.

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