Methodological and intercultural reconciliation

Alberto J. Sánchez Griñán holds a degree and a PhD in Hispanic Philology from the University of Murcia (Spain). His doctoral thesis, presented in 2008 and distinguished cum laude, is entitled Teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language in China. Challenges and possibilities of the communicative approach.

Currently, Dr. Griñán teaches at the Foreign Language School in Beijing and at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing. His latest publications are: “Learning strategies of Chinese students of Spanish”, marcoELE (supplement: ELE in China), 2009; “Methodological and intercultural reconciliation. Possibilities of communicative teaching of languages ​​in China”, marcoELE, 8, January-July 2009; and “The paradox of the Chinese learner”, Virtual Congress E / LE 2007; all of them available on the Internet.

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