The Spanish written by Juan Manuel de Rosas

In this issue we analyse an autographed letter of Juan Manuel de Rosas, a politician born in Buenos Aires at the end of the eighteenth century and who belonged to the second part of the Argentine independence processes.

Rosas belongs —as José Gervasio Artigas— to a family of a certain position in pre-independent Buenos Aires, which allows him to carry out some studies that are interrupted, among other things, by his love of rural tasks; thus, while it is true that the governor of the province of Buenos Aires does not offer the characteristics of a non working hand —see, in this respect, the book 'El español' written by Artigas—, it can be said that his sociolinguistic profile does not fit with the of the educated groups of the region, a fact that should be taken into account when evaluating some of the phenomena offered by the text.

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