Intellectual and Scientific History of Spain

Intellectual and Scientific History of Spain is a book that organizes, contextualizes and presents the historical path of the schools of thought and intellectual creations of the Spaniards, from the Medieval Theocentrism to the scientific-technological revolution of our time. It deals with the fundamental movements, doctrines and debates, as well as with the authors who created an original thinking or contributed with personal perspectives of the circumstances, culture and science of their respective periods. Some sample texts of them are included. Being a book of synthesis and dissemination, technicalities have been avoided and a precise language and a simple syntax have been used.

SEBASTIÁN QUESADA MARCO has a degree in History from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 1965 he has worked in the service of the promotion and extension of the Spanish language and culture abroad, first as Director of Spanish Cultural Centers dependent on the General Direction of Cultural and Scientific Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, subsequently, as Director of the Cervantes Institutes.

He has directed the Hispano-Arab Institute of Culture of Baghdad and the Cervantes Institutes of Tangier, Lisbon, Milan, Bordeaux and Athens. He has been Coordinator of the Cervantes Institutes in Europe and, within these functions, has been in charge of the management of the Cervantes Institutes of Cairo, Vienna, Milan and Bucharest. He prepared the transformation of the Cervantes Institutes cultural centers of Cairo, Tangier, Tetouan, Lisbon, Vienna, Milan, Bordeaux and Bucharest.

He has been a member of the DELE Advisory Council (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) of the Ministry of Education and Science, and the president of numerous DELE courts in various countries (USA, Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Bulgaria, Egypt, Romania, Austria).

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