100 exercises: Pronunciation

The collection 100 EXERCISES... offers intermediate and advanced students of Spanish as foreign language a complete and effective way to solve grammatical issues essential for a precise command of the language.

The exhaustive set of detailed exercises is complemented with brief and precise grammatical explanations so that students can definitively clear their frequent doubts about these topics. This undoubtedly contributes to the goal of becoming fluent and proficient Spanish speakers.

Each of the books that make up this collection is published in two versions:
•The complete book
•The book in sections, so that the reader can choose to work with the one that is most suited to their needs and interests.

The book 100 exercises: Pronunciation consists of a theoretical synthesis and two sections of focused exercises.

In this section the fundamental characteristics of the intonation and syllabication rules are presented, as well as the sounds that make up the pronunciation of the Río de la Plata. It includes a technical glossary and a review of Internet sites dedicated to the practice of pronunciation.
Those who have found this first part useful and now wish to put into practice the acquired knowledge, can continue their learning process with the following volumes, which can be worked on in succession or independently.

The exercises are organized in this sequence: syllable, stress and intonation, and vowels, consonants and varieties..

The formats are varied: joining phrases, reordering, completing texts or diagrams, recognizing errors, selecting, etc. So are the textual types used: dialogues, poetry, prose and newspaper articles.

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