Voices of The South A. 3. Plans

Voices from the South is a textbook for learning Spanish as a second and foreign language.

The Southern starting point is Buenos Aires, where many of the dialogues and a great part of the authentic materials present in the text come from, although the book also contemplates other varieties of Latin American Spanish.

Voices from the South is a resource for classroom work, aimed at those interested in learning Spanish in dynamic and interactive contexts.


Voices from the South is organized into units, each divided into two authentic material sections —newspaper articles, advertisements, comic strips, among others— all with corresponding exercises.

The approach to the material begins with general and detailed comprehension tasks. The general comprehension is a first approximation to the form and content of the text, based on skimming and background knowledge. On the other hand, detailed comprehension requires a careful and focused scanning of lexical and grammatical elements, among others.

After the reading we introduce the activities, where the student will be able to work with the necessary linguistic resources to deal with the suggested communicative situation. These activities seek the development of their written and spoken skills.

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