Choral conducting technique

The conducting technique is a gestural means of communication between conductor and performers that is used to show an interpretative idea with defined musical criteria. To be able to show our conception of the work with the use of a clear and meaningful gesture will give fullness and coherence to our interpretation.

A good conducting technique is necessary to be able to show all that the musical discourse can give us and, at the same time, to fill it with expressiveness. We must not forget that this publication focuses on the technique of choral conducting, so the resources proposed are aimed at favouring the vocal nature of the performance: helping with the gesture to maintain intonation, making it easier for the sound to remain timbral in its resonance zone and ensuring that the support of the air is not lost, among other aspects.

Nuestro gesto ha de estar lleno de significado interpretativo para poder extraer la belleza de la obra a través de claros y eficaces movimientos de dirección, basados en una técnica solvente. Este es nuestro objetivo: un gesto en comunión con nuestra idea interpretativa, que a su vez sea un canal de comunicación capaz de transmitir, conscientemente, todo un mundo de información y emociones de manera coherente.

Carmen Montoya Gutiérrez

NURIA FERNÁNDEZ HERRANZ obtained his higher degree in Choir Conducting and Conducting Pedagogy at the Dániel Berzsenyi Tanárképzö Föiskola in Szombathely (Hungary) with the highest qualifications, complementing his studies at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

She is the artistic director and founder of VokalArs, an ensemble of recognised prestige on the current choral scene, characterised by the originality of its artistic proposals and a concept of timbral sonority with its own personality.

Es doctora en Humanidades por la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, en la que, además, ha desarrollado diferentes proyectos corales que se han convertido en referentes dentro del panorama coral español: el Coro de la Universidad en la actualidad, el Programa Infantil de Música Escénica (1999-2008) y el Curso de Dirección de Coro, que ha contado con más de 25 ediciones.

She has been teaching in the field of Higher Music Education for more than twenty years and many choir conductors have trained with her. She currently teaches at the Conservatorio Superior de Castilla-La Mancha, at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja and at the Centro Superior Katarina Gurska.

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